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About MWG

We provide financial guidance and tools individuals and business owners need to maximize their potential to achieve, maintain, and surpass their goals. 

MWG Financial Solutions & Tax Services, LLC. was founded in 2008 using the pillars of character, values, morals, principles, integrity and respect. Our team believes in treating everyone equally and providing financial guidance to help our clients succeed in life. Our goal is to assist in building financial structure and stability with individuals and businesses to gain, attain, and maintain their resources. We provide resources, literacy, knowledge and skills to retain financial freedom and enhance your business structure. We provide professional tax preparation services, life and cognitive skills and resources, financial literacy consulting, and business management consulting services. 

We specialize in Aged/Shelf Corporation sales, Corporation build up, Dun and Bradstreet, Business and Personal funding and training for our business clients to structure their business in order to receive the proper tools, resources and funding needed. We also assist in establishing new and existing company by providing your company with the tools necessary to start and grow your company. Our goal is to assist business owners in attaining working capital and to build business structure.

Meet Our Founders


Michelle J.

Michelle J. founded MWG Financial Solutions & Tax Services, LLC. alongside William G. in 2008 with the idea of giving others a second chance. In today’s world many have experienced economic and life hardships, while being judged based on their past mistakes. Michelle is a strong believer in incorporating adversities into opportunities and that with God all things are possible if you simply trust the process. Michelle’s goal is to provide services to individuals and businesses to help them learn, gain, attain and retain financial freedom and business prosperity. Through financial consulting, resources, knowledge, cognitive skills, and life skills, Michelle sets out to help others to accomplish the ideas, visions, and goals they have set for themselves or the opportunities that are for them.

“We stand for the change that we can become and do anything in life and nothing can limit our opportunities”

William G.

William G. founded MWG Financial Solutions & Tax Services, LLC alongside Michelle J. in 2008 to become a helping hand for others. William’s key focus is to help change the lives of individuals, such as himself, who didn’t have many options early in life and had to fend for themselves at an early age. William’s character, values, morals, integrity and principles are rooted in taking full accountability and responsibility for your actions, being a persistent individual, hard working, and wanting more out of life, not just just for life to be handed to you is the key. William believes in respecting the value of building on what you have worked hard for, studied, and researched to elevate your personal and business life. 

“No one can take from you, what God has for you is for you.”

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